Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Gelleråsen 8-9.7.2016

What a spectacular race weekend at Gelleråsen. We had a good representation of Finns at the race, which seemed to please the organisers. Well planned event and all had fun. Thank you for the arrangements and invitation PCSR!

Gelleråsen track was a sweet experience, the track included a strange combination of bends combined with a long main straight. The track also had praiseworthy run-off areas, which is good for both drivers and cars. Many bends were bumpy, which made the track more demanding to drive. My own car running in went all well, had no issues whatsoever, got many laps, and I started to feel more comfortable with the new car.

Finnish drivers learned that it is possible to join the fund outside of PCSR which covers costs if you damage barriers. This way the driver is not alone responsible for (possibly very expensive) Armco repairs. Payment is one time payment, and one is covered “for life”. One can really tell Swedes have thought about possible issues, which sounds really good.

Arrangements were superb, the timetable was accurate, and plenty of driving time – in excess of what was necessary. Drivers were asked at the mandatory drivers meeting prior to race how we should go about different classes, and drivers’ opinion was well respected. Classes 8A/8B drove separate races, and classes 8C/8D/GT3 Cup drove separate races, respectively.

We enjoyed relaxing club race, excellent atmosphere, and Swedish summer – which included a couple of showers. Please find pictures attached.


IMG_0001 IMG_0002


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