Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Anderstorp 13.8.2016

Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia series was raced at the Anderstorp circuit last weekend. Before the race I learned that this is the only F1 accredited circuit in Scandinavia, so expectations were high as usual. The race track was new to me, and it turned out to be an interesting one; bends were fast ones and nicely cambered, and the track surface was in good condition. The longest straight was a spectacular experience for me. One of the Finns said he checked telemetry data, and his speed at the end of the straight was 258 km/h. Few others also said they ran 5th gear against the rev limiter. There was plenty of track time available as usual.

The weather forecast for the weekend was a wet one which probably decreased number of participants as many Swedes stay at home if it rains on the race day. However, there were 26 competitors, could have been more, but at my own class 8B there were a decent 12 participants. One of the Finns had technical difficulties, so unfortunately for his driving ended early. Swedes and Norwegians had some really nice cars. This time one brand new Cayman GT4 Clubsport participated in the race. Although it looked as if the car had not been driven before at all, the driver showed some extraordinary tail slides in his car. I could not quite keep up with the leaders, but it was nice to see also brand new race cars racing, which is what they are designed for. Other notable Sports Cup race cars were a new comer, who participated race with an original looking 993, grey 911 ST, IROC style orange/light blue 911.

Also PCS had track time, so there were lots of cars to see, and there were some of Porsche’s very latest models. Furthermore, 930 turbo cabriolet was a nice sight at the pits, although we did not see her on the track. The local Porsche dealer had arranged a gourmet food banquet, which was a nice touch for those who had travelled from far away.

This time some drivers left their cars on the way back to Mantorp Park circuit to wait for Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Finals race in 2.5 weeks time. For me this worked well, the return trip was Norwegian flight, which was fast yet cheap. This also makes returning to next race quick and easy, as one can leave after work on Friday evening.

Please find some pictures from Anderstorp below.


Anderstorp_130816_medium_0021 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0020 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0019 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0018 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0017 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0016 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0015 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0014 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0013 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0012 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0011 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0010 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0009 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0008 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0007 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0006 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0005 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0004 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0003 Anderstorp_130816_medium_0001

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