Porsche Sports Cup Scandinavia Rudskogen 13.5.2017

Trip to Norway was very much anticipated as my last trip to Norway took place over 20 years ago. We extended our normal schedule by 1 day in order to be able to explore Fredrikstad town.

An interesting point about Rudskogen Motorsenter track was that the start-finish straight and the long back straight was that the grip levels on wet tarmac were much better than elsewhere on the track.
Please find a short video clip below, where I take the corner very slowly, and try to accelerate using 4th gear out of the slow corner. The car wouldn’t go where I wanted to go, so I had to try gain control by slapping the steering wheel. The whole day was more or less drifting for me, so I guess I need to learn how to drive.


Roy Hansen’s picture shows how the car is pointing the wrong day again


Racing season started for us earlier than previous years, this time before mid May at Rudskogen Norway. The track had a nice layout and facilities were superb. At Scandinavia Sports Cup it seems that traditionally different classes are divided into 2 groups, slower/faster cars drive separate races. The event program and arrangements were all good. The sessions were stopped frequently because Norwegians wanted to tow broken down cars away under a red flag, which seemed like a good safety aspect. In the following picture faster group cars are lined up during the red flag period at the pit lane.

The next race will be held on Saturday July 8th at Gelleråsen. This is so called “summer race”, so the event is a 2 day event. My own race car received some routine maintenance before the race. Many thanks to Antti at 9xx-parts.com. Antti had a 996 GT3 Cup front wheel bearing in stock, and price of the part was competitive. Same part at Rose Passion would have been more expensive, plus freight, and lots of time lost. Just to be sure, Antti gave us an extra set of bearings, in case the old bearing would turn out to be different. In the end the part was exactly right, and the extra bearing was not needed.


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